The case targeting the anti-racist organizers was launched by Adams County District Attorney Dave Young and Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler. Both DA’s left office January 12 and the District Attorneys who preside over this case will become Brian Mason (Adams County) and John Kellner (Arapahoe County). Write to the new district attorneys calling on them to drop the political prosecution! Here are two ways you can write to them.




Write a letter to the DA's. Some tips include starting your letter by explaining why you are writing, describing why you care about the case and sharing a personal story or connection.


Untitled-3.jpgWrite a message, select a recipient, and we will print and mail your letter for you. Order a pack of 4 postcards here.

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Adams County
District Attorney

17th Judicial DA's Office
1000 Judicial Drive
Brighton, CO 80601

Arapahoe County
District Attorney

18th Judicial DA's Office
6450 S. Revere Pkwy
Centennial, CO 80111