Spread the word

Choose your guest list. Consider inviting your friend group, the membership of your organization, your organization’s volunteer list, and/or your social media circle.

Choose the date and time and set up a meeting.

Invite your guest list! A personal invite is always better than a broad call. A sample invitation reads, “Hey! I am hosting a film screening about a serious case of repression in Denver that I believe is very important. Anti-racist organizers were arrested, jailed, and now face extreme criminal charges for peaceful protests they held calling for justice for a local victim of police violence. I’m hosting this screening to raise awareness of this important case and how any person can support their defense effort. The documentary will be screened [Date/Time/Place]. Can you make it?”

Use the About the Case page to intoduce the film.

Following the film screening, let your guests know how they can support. Consider if there is a particular call to action best suited for the group. For example:

  • Donate to the Justice in Denver defense fund

  • Endorse the demand to Drop the Charges as an organization

  • Sign on as a trade union organization or trade unionist

  • Sign the petition

Encourage attendees to stay up to date with the case. Ask people to sign up for the email list (collect emails or distribute the link).