Update | September 25, 2020


Denver anti-racist organizers released from jail! Drop the charges now!



Eliza Lucero, Joel Northam and Lillian House have been released from jail after having been incarcerated for a full week in hazardous and degrading conditions. This is a major victory for the nationwide movement that has developed to fight back against the frame-up on serious felony charges of Denver-area organizers leading the fight against racist police brutality.

Over the past seven days, thousands of people have signed the petition, participated in solidarity rallies across the country, added their name to the open letter of support, and made generous donations to their defense. 

Authorities grossly violated their legal rights by refusing to bring the three activists up for a bail hearing. But they were finally forced to relent under major legal and political pressure, and now all three are out on bail.

Eliza, Joel and Lillian, along with Russell Ruch, still face outrageously false felony charges that could result in years-long imprisonment. And the cops who ruthlessly murdered Elijah McClain have not been brought to justice. We will continue the fight!    

The Workers’ Party of Ireland demand that all charges against PSL members are dropped immediately.

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